Friday, October 15, 2010

KC Horror Club Kid's Day, Sat. Oct 23rd!!

KCHC has always made efforts, as often as we can and as opportunity affords, to get the kids involved in our shenanigans. It occurred to us that we were WAY overdue for some kid stuff, so why not throw you all a nice, traditional, Halloween party, like the ones we had when we were kids??

So that's what we're gonna do! You're gonna love it, your kids are gonna be trapped in a constant state of unadulterated joy! Here are some of the details:

KC Horror Club Kids Day!
Saturday, October 23rd, 2-6 pm
Suggested donation: $5 per child and a bag of Halloween Candy (all proceeds go to KCHC's operating expenses, and the candy will be donated to the Alcott Arts Center).

We'll have lots of art hanging for young and old to see, courtesy of the fine people at Zombie Prom, and the Alcott Center will be looking spooooooky! There will be games, spooky fun entertainment, a bake sale, arts and crafts, pumpkin carving, and more!

Some highlights:
* Games for young and old!
* A cake walk!
* Pumpkin bread, cookies, treats, that punch with the sherbet in it!
* Mask making and mini-pumpkin decorating
* Story Telling and Sing-alongs!
* Face Painting!
* Have your pumpkin carved by a guy in a skeleton costume! ($5 suggested donation)
* We should have LOTS of free movie promo stuff for the grownups.

Costumes are highly encouraged, of course. We'll be wearing them too!

Please join us for this event, and help support the Kansas City Horror Club, as well as the Alcott Arts Center!!!

Here is our the Facebook Event Page where you can RSVP!

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  1. Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered and worked so hard on this event! Thanks to the Alcott Arts Center, Chris, Chuck, Mia, Emily, Victoria, Amy, Cricket, Doug, and Pat! You all did an amazing job putting together a wonderful day for both the kids and the grownups. You should be very, very proud, and this city should count itself lucky that you guys cared enough to make the efforts you did. Next time will be even better!