Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let's take another ride on the 3D bandwagon, shall we?

Here's a new one from Wes Craven. In 3D. If it weren't in 3D, we'd probably watch Case 39 instead, but we do like the bells and whistles, especially when tied to a film that has the potential to be a real turd.

We're going to see the early screening of this one. It's more likely that the theater will be more empty so we can properly enjoy hating this movie at the proper volume it likely deserves. No need to show mercy, it's Wes Craven. Our expectations should be high, and our disappointment, should we be disappointed, vocalized. To an extent. I mean, don't ruin it for the muggles, huh?

But then again, it might be just the kind of kick ass we've been looking for. Consider it an appetizer for Saw 3D. Let's have some fun!

Drinks and food at O'Dowd's after.

Plaza Cinemark
We'll meet in the Lobby at 1:00 or so
Screening starts at 1:55
Here's the Facebook event page where you can RSVP.


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