Monday, March 14, 2011

FETCH screening March 30th!!!!

Wed., March 30, 8:30pm
Tivoli Theater
4050 Pennsylvania
KCMO, 64111

$10.00 at the door
$7.00 online (see below for link)

That's right kids! You may remember our post from last year about the EXCLUSIVE screening of the locally produced feature film, FETCH at the AMC Mainstreet Theater. Tickets were hotter than Betty White's granny panties after a lap dance for Abe Vigoda. Seriously. They were harder to get than a candid snapshot of Monica Seles's stab wound. They went quick, is what I'm saying.

Well, thanks to YOUR Kansas City Horror Club, you get another shot.

On Wednesday, March 30th, at 8:30 at the Tivoli Theater in Westport, you, yes YOU, will be able to see this film, and talk with members of the cast and Director Chris Downs.

But you may ask, "What is this 'FETCH,' of which you speak?"

Well, to put it simply, "FETCH" is a love story. A tragic tale of greed, jealousy, depravity and vengeance, all in the name of love. Here's the trailer....

It stars Ashlynn Yennie (The Human Centipede), Shawn G. Smith (Thirty Days of Night - Blood Trails), Jason Curtis Miller (Unreal Housewives of Kansas City), John Redmond (My Stepdad's a Feakin' Vampire), and Kurt Hannover (Fight Night), featuring lots and lots of local talent, many of whom are members of your Kansas City Horror Club!

You may also ask, "How do I get tickets?"

Easy! One of the producers of the film, Ted Loscalso, has authorized your Kansas City Horror Club to offer you an opportunity to get your tickets online, in advance!

Just use the PayPal button at the top right hand of this page to secure your ticket, which will be waiting for you at the will call table the night of the film!

Tickets will be $7.00 if you buy online, and $10.00 at the door.

You will not be able to buy your tickets from the Tivoli in advance. This is a private screening, and you're invited!

All there is left to say is...



  1. any chance there will still be tickets at the door? I'd rather pay in my own blood than use Paypal.

  2. Yes, you can pay at the door. It's $10, and if you gotta, you gotta. We appreciate the support!