Thursday, September 2, 2010

Act on this fast! An INCREDIBLE opportunity to have a once in a lifetime adventure...

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You may recognize the name from a previous post.

Between now, and Noon tomorrow, Horror Club is being offered an amazing and exclusive opportunity. I'm a little in awe of how cool this is. Check it out...

Between now, and 12:00 pm, September 3rd, that's 19 hours from the time of this post, if you make a donation of $25 or more to help fund Season 2 of Dead Wait, you stand to be well compensated indeed. Here's how (Here comes the amazing part!)....

With your proof of receipt of your donation, and upon confirmation that you are EITHER a member of the Horror Club Group on Facebook, and/or a follower of this blog (Click here to become one), you will receive the following items:

1. Your name will be in the closing credits of Season 2 of Dead Wait.
2. A digital download of Seasons 1 and 2 of Dead Wait.
3. Copies of Season 1 and 2 shooting scripts, signed by the cast and crew.
4. An invitation to visit the set during filming.
5. An opportunity to PLAY A ZOMBIE OR A ZOMBIE VICTIM ON SCREEN in Season 2
6. FREE access to the Premiere Party in Kansas City, and any other Dead Wait events, anywhere in the country they are held.

That's one HELL of a way to say thank you, wouldn't you say?

This offer is ONLY available to horror club members, and this package is only available to the first 11 donors.

IMPORTANT!!!!! Once you make your donation of $25 or more, send your proof a receipt that Amazon will send you, to, along with a link or a note about who you are, and whether you are on Facebook's group, or a follower of this blog (a link to your profile will do), or both.

The first eleven people to do that, each get everything on that list!

It's just $25. Totally worth it.

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