Friday, October 8, 2010


Here are your details for the KC Zombie Walk!

Jamie King released the following information about Saturday's Walk. See you there!!!!


2 p.m. start arriving at the JC Nichols Fountain.
This walks check in process is going to be a little more complex than previous walks. Please read the below information carefully so that you will know what to do upon arrival, this will also help us tremendously with the check-in process.

Upon arrival EACH person participating in the walk MUST check in. You will see the tables near the Uplift van on JC Nichols Parkway. If you have food bundled together for 5 participants this is fine, but all five participants MUST CHECK IN. You will then receive a wrist band so we know that you have donated your food. In addition to the wrist band you will also receive 1 free ticket for the prize(s) drawing after the walk. Please keep this ticket if you want a chance to win a fab prize.

You will also have the opportunity to BUY into a raffle; there will be three prizes for this raffle. The grand prize is a 13 inch original photograph signed by Joshua Hoffine.
This picture is something to covet for many who are into the horror genre; I am even coveting it right now. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the check in station as well. The raffle tickets will be 1 ticket for $1 or 6 tickets for $5, the drawing will take place after the walk. Proceeds for these tickets will go to Uplift.

If you have never participated in a walk before, we have a blood station with lots and lots of blood that we will spray or squirt on you. If you don’t have blood do not worry about it. If you would like to provide your own blood that is just dandy but please be respectful and apply your blood in the grass. We meet an hour early so people can take pictures talk to other zombies and make sure the food is checked in.

We will walk for about an hour I am guessing. If you have children you can bow out of the walk at any point and go back to the fountain. We will have goodie bags for the children afterward and a few children's prizes as well. You must be present to win a prize.

We will also be having a Darryl Woods, Kansas City’s leading caricature artist on sight after the walk. He will be doing zombie caricatures, all donations given will go to Uplift as well. Darryl has graciously given several zombie/horror themes drawings for prizes as well.

For those of you interested Dead Wait will be filming at 5 p.m. for their series. Below is the information you need to participate.

Your favorite KC Zombie Apocalypse series DEAD WAIT is filming its second season, and we'd love to have you be a part of it. What do you have to do? Just show up on October 9th at the Zombie Walk dressed in your zombie costume, enjoy the walk, and then after it's all over we'll ask anybody who wants to participate to hang around for another hour or so to shoot the scene. There will be crowd participation and a few lucky Zombie Walk-ers will be chosen to be victims of "real" zombies - so make sure to wear your craziest, most creative costumes!
Directed and produced by: Justin Parlette and Justin Gardner

Due to recent events this past summer at the plaza with kids flash mobbing, I had to contact the Plaza to let them know we would be there again. They were a little wary of us even though this will be our third year there. Please make sure you do not go into any of the stores or attack people on the streets who are acting genuinely scared. PLEASE do not run into the road and scare people outside of their cars. They will be watching us!! I really do not want to lose this vicinity for the fall walk, it has great access for us to roam freely, if they (Plaza Security) do not like what they see then we will lose this area.

You can find out what needs donating on the group page or the event page and I think that about covers everything. I am extremely excited for yet another successful walk! Last year it was freezing cold and this year it’s going to be beautiful! I want no excuses! Let's show Kansas City that we really do care even in an economic crisis!

Your Zombie Queen,

Jamie King"

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