Friday, September 17, 2010

Zona Rosa says "Goodbye!" to another theater. (sigh)

Yup. I'm afraid that the Zona Rosa Studio Movie Grill is no longer with us. It is bereft of life. It has ceased to be. It is an Ex-Theater, which is fine with us. All they did was complicate movie viewing in the Northland. I'm sure the next venue in that space will realize that people have an entertainment template, and it's difficult to improve on the traditional movie going experience.

The Studio Movie Grill. *chirp...chirp...chirp*

This is the second time since Zona Rosa opened that a theater in that space has closed. The Studio Movie Grill didn't even last a year, not even six months.

It's sad, but then, it's not sad. If these people would have listened to the market in the area, they'd have heard it say, "HEY! There's a giant, 24 screen theater across the street that has everything you offer (except the things that you offer that suck), plus convenient access!"

I don't know what anyone would plan to go in there now, but live theater might work there, especially dinner theater. That could work quite nicely, but then, we're horror club. What do we know about corporate nonsense?

Details about the Horror Remix to follow.

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