Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Congratualtions Winners!!!!

A great big congrats to those elite few of you that won tickets to the World Premiere of FETCH!

We placed all your names into the brain cavity of a murdered baby, said a prolongued satanic incantation, realized we were being totally rediculous, transfered all the names into a cowboy hat, and had a sleep-groggy girlfriend draw the names that will be among the elite few that will be in attendence of this special, special event.

Thank you to all of you who signed up, and make sure to check your email to see if you've won, and RSVP ASAP, or we'll have to give your ticket to someone else!

To those of you who didn't win a ticket, keep your chin up, and know that your time will come. We hope to do this sort of thing fairly often

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