Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Will "Vampires Suck," Suck?

Let's find out!

Our friends at Downrightcreepy are giving away, while supplies last, tickets to the preview screening of "Vampires Suck." Be among the first in the country to see this satirical masterpiece! I almost said that with a straight face. Whew!


  1. This world can be a dark place. With the genocides, slavery, hatred, and destruction of our natural resources, it's hard to feel anything these days. One wonders what's the point? But every so often, in the quiet distant, a faint spark in this dark, empty void we call life can be seen. It's presence can be felt in the hearts of the pure across time. Friends, that light is upon us again. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the cinematic geniuses behind Date Movie, Epic Movie, Scary Movie 3, Scary Movie 4, Disaster Movie, and Meet the Spartans bring us another sure to be masterpiece, the much anticipated parody film of the ever popular vampire genre, cleverly titled, Vampires Suck. The chances of this being good, are NOT GOOD. But don't you owe it to your self to go and boo at the screen? I mean, screw these guys. Haven't they been given enough chances? Look at that list of movies. Holy Shit. Couldn't you imagine tying someone up, someone you really fuckin hated, and putting a gun to their head, and forcing them to sit through the Seltzer/Friedberg collection? The whole time they are just begging you to kill them... but you don't. No fucking way man. Not until Scary Movie 5 comes out next year...