Monday, August 9, 2010


Because if you haven't seen Cannibal Holocause, you should. So here you go!

A terribly amusing and creepy little game. Alice is Dead! You'll need the walkthrough, but it's pretty handy on the page.

All the gore and weirdness and terror you'll ever want in this great index of Asian Horror Films. You should see them before Hollywood screws them up when they remake them.

So glad they are making this series: The Walking Dead. Speaking of The Walking Dead series, One of Horror Club's bestest buddies, Ratfink, makes custom figures. Here's his custom figure from the comic book:

Would you like some meditative music for your murderous mood? Try this one.

I do loves me some vintage poster art.

That should be enough to be getting on with!

Hope you enjoyed our very first LINKFEST!
I've got to get back to rending flesh and preparing mother's bloodbath.
Fear With Us!

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