Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dead Wait - Season 2 COMING SOON!

This summer marks the return of Dead Wait, one of Kansas City's most ambitious contributions to the zombie-mania that seems to be sweeping our country. Season Two is written and directed by Justin Parlette and Justin Gardner, starring Dan Hilaker, Vanessa Severo, David Crawford, and Kate O'Neill, ALL Kansas City talent. Lots of KC Horror Club folks involved too!

Check out the teaser for Season 2. Shot last October at the KC Zombie walk, featuring our Zombie Queen, Jamie King, and a whole bunch of our brain-hungry ghoulies!

For more info about this project, check out the Dead Wait website, the Facebook Page, and what the hell, follow them on twitter too!

I know what you're thinking though, "What about Season One? Where can I see that?". Well they are all available on the website, but I thought I'd take a liberty and embed them in this post. That cool with you? All six episodes of Season one. Just for you. And everyone else. Start packing that bug-out bag and enjoy!

So there you go! Keep an eye out for more about Season 2 of Dead Wait - A Web Series!

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