Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not busy tonight????

In Zona Rosa, there is a theater called The Studio Movie Grill. It's one of those theaters where you sit at a table and watch a film while a team of highly annoyed wait staff interrupts your experience to bring you overpriced food and drinks. If I wanted to sit in an office chair and watch a movie, I'd pirate it, watch it at home, and pay my girlfriend twenty dollars to bring me some soggy sweet potato fries and a watered down margarita.

But tonight, they make all their "service" worthwhile with something called the "Horror Remix." And that makes me want to hug them. Oh so very tight.

They take a few shitty movies from the eighties, cut out all the nonsence, and leave in all the nudity, death, and gore, leaving about a half hour of watchable film, show them back to back, and do it for free!

Check out their web page for all the details! Enjoy!

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  1. omg omg. WHY MUST IT BE WEDNESDAY?! that is the BEST THING EVER!