Friday, August 27, 2010

The Last Exorcism? Are you sure?

I smell a sequel.

I could use some Exorcise. And bend and stretch and bend and bleed and murder and again. And bend and stretch and bend and bleed and murder, etc.

This week brings us to The Last Exorcism.

Here's the facebook event page where you can RSVP. Remember. Maybe means no, and no is okay.

When: Saturday, August 28

Where: The Plaza Cinemark Palace. Here's a map

Meeting Time: 2:00 pm in the main lobby of the theater

Screening time: 3:00 pm. Get your tickets online!

There will be no "official" gathering after, but we would like to invite you to the Slave to the Metal Tour at the Riot Room that evening. Horror Club will have T-shirts for sale, and you can see a whole bunch of the local music we love. In the interest of full disclosure without undue pimpage, Curtis's band will be playing as well.

See you then, and in the meantime....

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